USPS Flat Mail Tracking 

Flat mail or Large Envelopes(these terms are used interchangeably) have a maximum size limit of 12" x 15" and can not be more than 3/4" thick. As long as a mailpiece is within these specifications, it is considered machineable mail and can be mailed via LetterTrack Pro.  LetterTrack adds a USPS intelligent mail barcode above the address block of the recipient of your mailpiece.  As flat mail travels through the postal system to its destination, the intelligent mail barcodes are scanned at each facility.  Our proprietary software, LetterTrack Pro, captures these scans to provide you with real time tracking via email.  The final scan each flat mail piece receives is at the local post office of the destination city .  When the flat reaches the destination post office to be placed on a USPS postal truck for delivery, the mailpiece is marked as Out for Delivery.  Your mail will reach the recipient in 3 business days since it is being sent via First Class mail.

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LetterTrack Pro has a tracking screen that allows you to track all of your mailpieces using various search filters. Search using any part of the recipients address, by date range, or by information you are able to populate into an internal reference field. When your mailpieces are scanned at each USPS facility, you will receive a delivery status email with the corresponding details. You can also provide the recipients' email address with each transaction you process so that the recipient will also receive delivery status emails each time the mailpiece is scanned by the USPS. The

LetterTrack Pro works for Regular Mail letters, large envelopes, flats, and bubble mailers.  Print directly to #10 envelopes or print to address labels which can then be applied to #10 envelopes, 9x12 envelopes, flats, or bubble mailers.  Simply enter the recipients address, select the output format(#10 envelope or address labels) and click Print.  It's that easy.  You can also import a list of names and address to batch print larger quantities of envelopes or address labels.  

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